It was all fun and games until someone lost an eye

by Alie Sin

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released July 1, 2013

Alie Sin is:
Gab : Acoustic & electric guitars, vocals.
Patal: Keys, electrics guitars, harmonica, vocals.
Roach: Bass & vocals.
Antoine: Drums & washboard.

Other Sinners:
Dominic Pelletier: Vocals on “Streets and Highways” and “Olso, tarbanak”.
Philippe Carrier: Lapsteel guitar on “Joey”.
Alexandra Juneau: French horn on “Lucero and a glass of whiskey”.
Joe Vickers: Vocals on “If you’re right, I owe you a cold one”.

Recorded in Québec by André Pepin between December 2012 and April 2013.

Mixed and mastered by Pierre-Luc Grondines.
Artwork by Carolanne Fournel.
Photos by Martin Blondeau and friends.


Karoline Morin

© 2013 Alie Sin.



all rights reserved


Alie Sin Québec, Québec

Alie Sin is a folk-punk band from Quebec City. It is also the misspelled name of a porn star, the lingering smell of taverns and the only way to resist being paved over in a town hungry for growth and disdainful of all souls within.

2013 holds lots for Alie Sin to achieve as they shift gears heading towards the release of their most complete record to date.

-Frank X Angoisse
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Track Name: Régissopolis/ le Pwalter Donavan Show
-Hey dude, tell me what’s up with you? Nothing to write home about, it’s sad but true / I know I haven’t called either in a while / but I got a couple of songs that you’d probably like / You know I had an awful lot to do / but I wouldn’t be caught dead wasting my whole life too / This time I won’t be gutless and tell my girl : Baby, I’ll be home in few days when Alie’s back on track And I say yeah-eah / I don't want to get on my knees once again / Hey-hey And I don't quite remember why I'm sorry my darling / Yeah-eah this is just an ancient song long forgotten / Yeah-eah And I finally realize that's what I am. I’m fed up with this ugly road / It’s getting longer every time I make it home /And Verdun lost its poetry /Since you moved back to Qc city / Once in a blue moon we can all be there / Just another crazy night / with the sick dudes in town /GLT let’s make history/ Real great cities are where your friends should be. We killed the scene and saved the best Qc city (Chérie) get it off your chest !!!
Track Name: Streets and Highways
3-9-0-0 Evelyn-Hickson, the place I used to call my second home / A couch where I could rest all day / Good friends, good hearts, music… I wish I could stay / For sure it was the greatest place in town/ And I was told it was the prettiest city ever / I liked the way pollution in the air stained our skins, so pale, so clean. Here come the hookers, the drunks, and the freaks / 14 y-o mothers walking down the street Their courage made me strong while I felt so weak /My heart broke 10 times walking down Wellington Street. Now Annie Belleau is the song that I proudly sing /When I’m looking for my friends near Dorchester St / It’s so good to hear these gang vocals again / When you’re back home with no gain but pain. I didn’t know exactly what I would find / Still don’t really know what I left behind / I couldn’t buy your heart, so I stole you a kiss /I fell in love 10 times walking down St-Joseph st…
Track Name: If you're right, I owe you a cold one (feat. Joe Vickers)
Tonight I wish I was in 1992 /Drinking Strawberry Crush and watching Ghostbusters 2/ I can’t stand the shame of losing innocence/Every time my bored eye meets your silly smile/Still, I can jump up the fence / Nah I won’t fake ignorance/ I can’t say I don’t feel sorry for Che, no/ That I don’t give a damn…Now put your red square on/ Let’s go back to square one/ Tell me ‘bout another fight/ I’ll tell you ‘bout another lie (shot) / I can go right right right , I can go left left left /There ain’t no struggle I wanna win (no more)…Tonight we wish we were in 1990-something/We sure know what we want but we don’t know how we’ll get it/ That’s how it starts losing your innocence/Some call it wisdom, I call it pain / When do we grow up And stop learning from mistakes ?/ When do we stop being young/ And start charging for our faults? (x2)/Still we can jump up the fence/ Nah we won’t fake ignorance/We can’t say we won’t feel sorry for Che, no/ That we don’t give a damn…I’d like to jump up the fence But I won’t fake ignorance (x4)
Track Name: Campfire Saint-Roch
Just take a look at me / before I fall asleep/ Just take a look at me / tell me what did I miss/Just take a look at me…Now when I look at you/ You don't seem so pretty/Now When I look at us/ It's my own past I see/Now when I look at you…I won’t say a word/I won’t say ‘I told you so’/Nah, I won’t say a word/We’re both dying in Oslo…Is That a fucking War ? / I won’t see your face no more /Is That a fucking War ? / I feel no pain at all/Is that a fucking war?/Even on this Battlefield /There can be peace on Xmas Eve/The lion roars in triumph/ But I wish he could sleep for a thousand years.
Track Name: (well guess what ? ) Joey's gonna get Stabbed
Talking about another week but there's nothing really to talk about / Joey picks his dirty clothes off the ground /There's no coffee left and no cigarettes to smoke / Talking about another week…Joey fucked with the wrong guy/Thought he could get away with it…(Well guess what?) Joey's gonna get stabbed. He goes outside, it's cold and it's still dark /Finds another home just next door/The guy was alright, just a little insecure/ I don’t think he took too much but his coke was not so pure… Joey had no time to react, knife already in his back / Well guess what? Joey's gonna get stabbed. Again and again the guy draws other blows/ He was just a little psycho/ (Well guess what?) Joey will never know.
Track Name: Grizzly Attack !
Hey, have you heard ‘bout these strange stories? / You know, there ain’t no fairy tales in this country/ When the soldiers came and killed every family/ Was it what they called nation’s unity? / After a few years the grizzlies were back/ The food was the same/ But the hunt was now legal/ It seems there is no one to blame anymore/Just handshakes to wipe the blood from their hands. Wooh Ohhh We’ve never heard your call for freedom/ with your slit throat/ We’ve never heard your call for justice Maybe we were just deaf (you were just dead)…Tell me who you are/ Tell me what you fight for/Your answer is confused/And so were your rapists/Oh Anna, you opened up our eyes/ Just before you closed your own…There are no revolutionaries/Just characters in a crude reality/ For all these widows dressed in black/ The only thing left is anger fed by attacks.
Track Name: Lucero and a Glass of Whiskey
Older, We think we’re getting stronger but we’re wrong / The years are getting heavier/ We’re weaker…We keep running on our knees / With our dreams on our shoulders (x2)…So let’s just pretend… It was all fun and games/ Until we lost our hearts/ Man, we should have listened to their advice/ “Break a leg tonight but don’t break yours”/ One day these pictures of us/ Will tear apart (x2)…Thx for the music/Thx for the night/ I hope the goodbyes won’t be too hard/ The sweat we dropped in our glass of jack/ Made the worst half-better/ And we felt alive…for a while (x2).